She sat at her vantage point and watched him defeat the three-headed demon. He looked skilled, assured, and determined. She rolled her eyes. He was able to defeat the beast because she had slipped it a bottle of melatonin before he arrived in the village. The confrontation of the century would not be overshadowed by a hellhound getting in the way.

Her plan was for him to be so tired he wouldn’t realize he was walking into a trap. This she had put together while thinking of somewhere she would like to disappear but in a not-so-friendly way.

“Wait for…

The busy streets of another town. Her boots were caked in mud. She stopped in front of a boutique storefront to wipe them on the welcome mat. The store clerk stared at her and she stared blankly back before walking away.

Every fucking town was different but the same. She didn’t know how long it had been since she had been home. Wait. That’s not true. His face. His face was the last time she had been home. What did he do? She was getting angry and confused again.

She sat down on the sidewalk. The cars whizzed by but…

He rested against a large oak. The sun was starting to set, which meant he had to look for shelter soon. He took out his small hunting knife and began slicing the apple he had in his satchel.

Each slice looked like a painting of an apple slice, that’s how precise his cutting was. His large hands wielded the small knife expertly. He was often complimented on woodwork and wielding his sword, but he would quickly change the subject. He didn’t want to dwell on how skilled he was. She even complimented him on it once and he abruptly changed…

courtesy of Disney+

My take on Chapter 15 here.

courtesy of Disney+

I wrote a review of Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian which can be found here.

I’d like to tell you that I came across the A Sailor’s Guide to Earth album on my own and became a fan of Sturgill Simpson. It didn’t happen that way. In the past two years, I have changed my music preferences. It isn’t monumental, but it’s been a slight shift that has introduced a lot of artists into my playlist.

The 80’s and Sitting Down to Listen to Music

I listened to 80’s music in the 90’s. I continued to listen to it well into the 2000’s. I think it just might be my decade of music. …

Tracey from Chewing Gum

I love Michaela Coel. If you haven’t seen Chewing Gum on Netflix you are missing out. She is a comedic genius that proved with Black Earth Rising that she can handle drama as well. From a sheltered, churchy girl breaking free from a sheltered upbringing to an attorney unearthing the truth behind a genocide, she’s been covering a lot of heavy material.

I May Destroy You is no exception. I didn’t know what this show was about walking in. …

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of the original film. John Cusack and a music store is a winning combination, but the execution didn’t land with me. It just seemed like a guy that was lamenting about relationships that seemed doomed before they ever began. What mortal thought they would be able to pull Catherine Zeta-Jones with a cool music collection? It’s been over a decade since I’ve seen it so maybe I’m remembering it wrong.

The television show was added to my queue after I read a fascinating interview with Zoe Kravitz. I’ve seen her in…

I involuntarily caught this show. I’m juggling a lot of different apps and it was HBO’s turn to be my top spot. I added it on to my Hulu subscription so that I could watch “The Outsider” and “The New Pope”. I didn’t know that “The Watchmen” would grab me.

And it didn’t. Not at first. I remember being underwhelmed by the film a decade ago and the first two episodes didn’t click right away as to where we had left off from the film. It’s a slow burn and like “The Killing” it’s one that you have to give…

I haven’t a clue where the year has gone. One minute, I’m talking to you about my summer reads and the next thing I know we’re a week away from Thanksgiving. Let’s not dwell on it too much and concentrate on what 2019 has brought us.

Well, 2019 has brought us a lot of trouble. My simple spring break-up with Netflix turned into an on-again/off-again relationship and after the announcement of Disney+ and Apple+ and a plus on every other channel I’ve enjoyed, I’m as confused as ever.

Here’s a simple breakdown:


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